The fun of tandem paragliding with Airventures

 Tandem paragliding is described as a thrilling way to experience the world from a bird’s-eye view. It is considered ideal for those who enjoy adventure and the feeling of flight. Flying like a bird is presented as being made easier now. Airventures are offering an amazing experience where the thrill of paragliding can be enjoyed during the instructional tandem flight.

The text then defines tandem paragliding. It is explained that tandem paragliding involves being flown with a trained instructor. The text clarifies that both you and the instructor are connected to the same glider, which is controlled by the instructor. This allows you to simply enjoy the ride. It is emphasized that in this way, the joy of paragliding can be experienced without requiring any training or prior experience.


Why Choose Tandem Paragliding?

Tandem paragliding is highly recommended for those interested to learn how to fly, especially attempting paragliding for the first time. It possesses numerous advantages:

  • Safety: Control is managed by the instructor, ensuring a high level of safety. All the tough tasks are handled by them to guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience.
  • Accessibility: No prior training or experience is necessary. It is suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Training is completed by the instructor before, during and after the flight.
  • Thrill and Enjoyment: The experience of flying through the air is exhilarating. Tandem paragliding provides a surge of excitement and a sense of liberation.


The Airventures Experience

Airventures makes paragliding super fun! Here’s why they’re awesome:

Expert Instructors At Airventures, safety is super important. All instructors are highly experienced and have a clear safety record. They love paragliding and want to share their love with you.

Amazing Places Airventures flies in the most beautiful spots. You can see stunning views and fly in perfect weather. It’s like seeing nature from way up high!

Great Gear Airventures uses the best equipment that’s always checked to be safe. You can be sure you’re using top-notch gear.

Made Just for You Every flight with Airventures is special. Instructors make sure you feel comfy and happy, whether you want a calm ride or an exciting adventure. It’s all about making your paragliding instructional flight unforgettable!


What Happens During Tandem Paragliding

Wondering what happens when you go tandem paragliding? Here’s what happens step by step:

Before You Fly First, you’ll meet your instructor and get a preflight briefing and safety talk. They’ll explain how paragliding works and what to expect. You’ll also get a harness and a helmet to wear.

Taking Off Taking off is super exciting! Depending on where you are, you might run down a hill or get pulled up into the sky. Your instructor will help you take off smoothly and safely.

Flying High Once you’re up in the air, it feels amazing! You’ll be strapped to your instructor, who will control everything. You just relax and enjoy the view as you glide through the air. It’s really cool to feel the wind and see everything from up high. Your instructor will complete some basic training in the air, explaining what is happening, how to turn the glider. How to find rising air and what to do when you find it.

Coming Back Down When it’s time to land, your instructor will bring you down gently. They make sure it’s a smooth landing so you can step back on the ground safely. After the flight there is a short post flight briefing and time for lots or questions!

Going tandem paragliding is a super fun adventure you won’t forget!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tandem Paragliding Safe? Safety is really important at Airventures. All the teachers are well trained, and the equipment is checked often. Paragliding has some risks, but flying with experienced teachers is very safe.

What Should I Wear? Wear comfy clothes and layers. It might be chilly up high, so bring a light jacket. Wear strong shoes with good grip for when you take off and land.

How Long Does the Flight Last? The flight time can change based on the weather and where you are. Usually, tandem paragliding lasts around 10 minutes.

Can I Bring a Camera? You are welcome to bring a camera to get somebody to take pictures of you taking off or landing. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to bring it on the flight with you. Airventures has GoPro cameras on extendable sticks that have all the necessary safety lines and attachments.


Why Choose Airventures?

Picking Airventures for tandem paragliding gives you lots of good things. Here’s why they’re great for your next adventure:

Safety and Professionalism Airventures takes safety super seriously. Their instructors are certified and have lots of experience. They follow strict safety rules to keep you safe.

Awesome Customer Service From booking your flight to landing, Airventures makes everything easy and fun. Their nice staff are there to help you with any questions or worries you have.

Good Prices Airventures has fair prices for tandem paragliding. They want everyone to have a chance to fly high and enjoy it. They try hard to make sure their trips are affordable for everyone.

Book Your Tandem Paragliding Adventure Today!

Want to try tandem paragliding and feel the excitement? Go to Airventures’ website at and book your flight today. They have lots of choices and packages, so everyone can find something they like.



Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our happy customers have to say:

Mopani T: “What a great experience, I was made to feel at home , with our pilot constantly communicating with us at all the time. He made us feel comfortable; before taking off was bit sceptical , nearly cancelled right on the spot.”

Ricardo L: “ What an absolutely phenomenal experience. Everyone in the team, ground crew, pilot, were cheerful and welcoming, providing super interesting information about the gliders and the weather conditions in the area throughout the morning. The scenery is breathtaking, the air was very smooth, and the landing next to the ocean was the cherry on top. A must for anyone close by!”

Palesa N: “The most magical experience!!! Professional booking service, responsiveness, amazing pilots from the ground until the air! Truly magical morning!


An unforgettable training experience is offered through tandem paragliding, combining the thrill of flight with stunning views and a sense of freedom in Cape Town. By Airventures, a safe, professional, and enjoyable experience is provided for anyone interested in trying tandem paragliding. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or simply seeking a unique way to see the shores and beauty of Cape Town, an unforgettable experience is ensured through tandem paragliding with Airventures. The magic of soaring through the sky with Airventures can be discovered by booking your tandem paragliding flight today. More information and reservation of your spot can be done by visiting